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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Finding out you look a bit like Angelia Jolie....priceless!!!

I had sort of a rough day, so in my quest to find something fun on the internet while Grday napped, I ran across It's great for a boost of confidence.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Skinny Black No-no.

Just because Audrey Hepburn looks Awesome with a capital A in skinny black pants does not give GAP the right to bring them back onto the market. First off, I don't find tapered pants flattering nevermind the model. But that's not the major issue. Miss Audrey was maybe, like a size 2. Sure, there is a tiny fraction of the general population that is under a size 4, but most of them are also under the age of 18. Now, there was a time when I could slide my then skinny tushy into a size 2. However, Audrey also has the benefit of a perfect figure thrown in her corner. These pants would not look good on anyone with no curves at all (Mary Kate Olsen and Nicole Richie, back off the pants), or anyone who is over-curvy. Please, GAP, don't try to convince me or the rest of the people I know in real life we would look rockin' in these pants.
Also, I really don't care what any of the fashion gurus said about this fall season, but 1992 called, and they want their leggings back. Anyone over the age of 7, please surrender them immediately.

Monday, September 18, 2006

New Grady Video.

Here are a few new videos of Grady. The first is him walking, which he has been trying to master for a while now, but has gotten really good at only in the past few weeks. The second is clapping, which is his new favorite thing to do. Everytime he does anything he claps until everyone else applauds!

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Poop in a tub

So, this is the readers digest version of my morning yesterday. I know some of you will enjoy the laugh. Others may decide you don't want to have kids.

I was giving Grady his bath. He was all cute and wet and was even obeying me when I told him to "sit down, please" ( he likes to try to stand up and climb out, which I know is eventually going to lead to a split lip or broken arm). I had just asked him to find his toy fish when he decided the bath needed some bubbles, if you get my drift. Whilst he was laughing at the utterly hilarious sound he had managed to make , I started to panic and wash him as quickly as possible before something other than gas escaped from his cute tushy. The panic was rightfully deserved, as I found out about 45 seconds later when his face turned red and he grunted and then sighed. Yep, poop. In the tub. I immediately rinsed him with fresh water and got him out, dried off, and diapered. I then turned my attention to the tub. I was scooping the poop and depositing it directly into the toilet. All was going well. I focused my attention on the few last remnants and prepared to douse the whole tub with clorox spray when I heard a splashing coming from behind me. Yes, Grady had left the Drop and Roar dinosaur I had deposited him in front of for more interesting options. The toilet, which I had yet to flush, that was full of the poop I was scooping from the tub. I managed to move him and count to ten without screaming or puking, although I am not sure how. Then I filled the newly cleaned tub, un-daipered the boy, and plopped him in the water again. He undoubtedly thought it was the greatest treat in the world to have 2 baths within 10 minutes. I definately learned to always flush the toilet.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Sept 11

Just wanted to post a quick thought for those of you who may have lost loved ones, friends, family, or even just a casual aquaintence in the 9/11 tragedy. Although I was not personally affected, it never gets easier to watch the replay of the second plane hitting the tower. God bless everyone who died that day, and everyone who lost anyone while the rest of us watched in horror.