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Friday, December 29, 2006

A glass half full kind of day

Warning: The following blog has noe real life lesson and isn't even really funny. It's just a narritave of today, but I was in a blogging mood...
It has been one of those days when everything seems bright and sunny and right with the world. By all accounts it shouldn't, but it still does. Chris has been sick and was home yesterday with the yuckies. He's still feeling sick today but had to go to a meeting so he's dragged himself there and is working hard. I feel bad for him, but I am still in a chipper mood.
I took Grady for his sixth (I think) haircut today and he is looking like quite the little stud muffin. He screamed bloody murder the entire time and the poor lady looked like she might just decide to quit her job, but I was finding it all quite amusing. I left a good tip. I will have to taks new pics of him soon. I got a backdrop stand and wonderful seamless paper from Santa, so I am itching to try it out. Grady got a mini Lightning Jersey and I think that would make a cute shot...I need to find a puck for him to play with!
After the haircut I had to run to Kohls because he was covered in blonde tufts. While spending the $5 might not seem worth it, I did find a very cute shirt that made him look even more like a little man. Then we went to lunch with my fabuloso sister in law and I had a Publix sweet tea. Life can't get any better. Well, maybe it could if I broke and stole one of those Lindt truffles that are still loudly calling my name, but I am feeling benevolent and the truffle will survive today.


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