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Friday, January 12, 2007

My chicken nugget, my friend.

As Grady grows up (he'll be 18 months a week from today, sob) he is developing so many funny little personality traits. Some of them are less funny than others, for example refusing to go anywhere in the stroller anymore. He MUST walk, and if we don't let him it becomes World War three. Others are insanely cute, like his fascination with belly buttons and the fact that he freaks out when his Nana takes off her glasses.

Today we had chicken Nuggets for lunch (yes, I had them too. Points deducted from my fitness level for the day). After he had eaten about half of what I gave him he began scraping the remaining food off of the tray of his booster and into the seat with him. This is my clue that he's had enough, so I gathered up what I could of the nuggets and began to throw them away. Immediately, Grady let out an ear piercing shriek. He pointed hysterically to one nugget that was intact minus one little bite mark. So I thought maybe he just wasn't done with it. I handed it to him and he said "chic-hen" very calmly. I waited for him to eat it, but he just sat there demanding I let him "down".

So I let him out and said "ok, you throw the nugget in the trash!" He nodded no and proceeded over to his toys with his nugget. Oh, what a glorious hour ensued. He and the nugget played with his cars. They watched Dora The Explorer together. He even took the nugget with him to go look at books. It was cracking me up. I offered several times to take the nugget, or to get him to toss it, but he was adament about holding it.

Finally, I started to get worried that my son was going to get too attatched. I envisioned him asleep with a stinky, moldy, old nugget clasped in his hand. I saw him carrying it to playgoup and the other mom's gently steering their kids away. So I hatched a plan.

"Grady, do you want to go outside?" He ran to his chair so I could put on his shoes."OK, but we have to leave the nugget inside." He looked at me, looked at the nugget, looked at me, and then took a big bite of the nugget. By the time I got his shoes on, the nugget was happily residing in his tummy rather than his hand. Now he and the nugget can spend a few more happy hours together as it keeps him full through his nap.

Nugget, we will miss you.


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